by Karen Parkers Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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  • Women over the age of 40 can drop weight, improve their mood and sleep better at night.
  • The all-natural fruit extract HCA Slim allows women to keep their diets while losing weight.
  • This "Menopause Slim-Down" is available to facebook users for one day only for.

(Women's Health) - Since the beginning of the year, our readers have been going crazy over a new "Skinny Pill" that is sweeping the nation and helping people from all walks of life transform their bodies quickly and safely - a product that has been so successful, many weight-loss doctors and plastic surgeons now want to see it banned.

They are making accusations that it causes people to get lean too quickly and should be regulated, despite the fact that it’s clinically proven to be safe and has none of the dangerous side effects that prescription diet pills have.

Since the products were recently featured on an episode of The Dr. Oz Show, we have been getting 1000’s of daily letters from our readers, begging us for more information and asking us how they can get their hands on this new fat-burning supplement. Surprisingly, many people who struggle daily with their weight have yet to hear about this powerful option.

In a recent exclusive interview with Women’s Health, movie star Scarlett Johansson credits the product with helping her lose nearly of body fat in preparation for her role as the ‘Black Widow’ in The Avengers. Dozens of other celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Sandra Bullock and Kelly Osborne have all lost weight and transformed their bodies using this controversial pill. Even Men have gotten in on the weight-loss action and used the same product to make some drastic physical transformations.

The product we're talking about is called HCA Slim. You may have seen it in the news, on TV, or trending online as the safe and powerful "secret diet trick” being used by models, celebrities and regular folk all across. HCA Slim's high anti-oxidant content and powerful fat burning properties make it a belly busting machine. Combine it with the detoxifying, cleansing and additional weight loss effect of HCA Slim and you see why this deserves a Special Report. But maybe the most important part is that HCA Slim is finally available nationwide WITHOUT a prescription.

If you're interested in losing weight without diet or exercise, HCA Slim is something you need to know more about.


If you’re feeling skeptical right now, you’re not alone. We here at Women’s Health have seen many promising products come and go over the last 18 years. When we first learned about ‘yet another’ fat-burning/body-firming product our fad radar went off right away. Even after pouring through mountains of research. While I had an educated opinion, I still had no personal proof that HCA Slim option was worth the time. So, with my editors blessing, I decided to go out and put the product to the test myself. What better way to find out the truth than to conduct my own study?

We know that the thought of losing your excess fat often feels like an impossible challenge. We’ve evaluated numerous fat-loss programs and it seems like everything, too demanding or doesn’t work as claimed. The reason why most programs fail is because they impose unrealistic restrictions on your daily life.

In this special report, I explain exactly how I tested the product and show you the surprising results I achieved. Today, I’m leaking the secret to what, we here at Women’s Health, call “quite possibly the most effective female physique transformation stack the world has ever seen”. I’ll show you how you too can get a leaner, slimmer sexier body quickly and safely without having to use illegal drugs or paying for surgery.

The Science behindHCA Slim

HCA Slim is a small fruit which looks a bit like a tiny pumpkin. Found in Asia, Australia, Polynesia and parts of Africa, this fruit has long been used by native people because of its amazing and diversified health properties.

HCA Slim has been scientifically proven to:

  • Burn fat by naturally boosting your metabolism
  • Remove unwanted cellulite, belly fat and arm fat
  • Increase your energy levels during the day
  • Increase the quality of your sleep during the night

Here at Women’s Health, we were amazed to learn about how effectiveHCA Slim is when used for weight loss. But we noticed something else remarkable - many of the problems HCA Slim treats are problems associated with menopause.

Menopausal women often experience hot flashes, decreased energy levels, restlessness when sleeping and mood changes. HCA Slim treats every one of these symptoms. Even better, HCA Slim is completely natural and safe.

If you’re a woman experiencing menopause, HCA Slimcan help lessen the symptoms – and even prevent some of them from occurring in the first place.

For Women Undergoing Menopause, HCA Slim:

  • Results in natural weight loss with no diet or exercise
  • Reduces or even eliminates hot flashes
  • Improves and stabilizes mood
  • Improves duration and quality of sleep

How to Find HCA Slim

The HCA Slim fruit can be a bit difficult to get ahold of. Fortunately, HCA Slim extract works just as well – if not better – than the fruit itself. An extract captures the nutrients and powers of the fruit in an easy-to-use form which you take once or twice a day. There are many options available but after doing our research we recommend HCA Slim.

HCA Slim offers all of the benefits of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, without the hassle of eating and obtaining the fruit from Asia, Africa, or Australia. This extract is created in a high quality laboratory under the supervision of chemists and nutritionists.

Before we tried this product ourselves, we checked through all the scientific literature available. Here’s a summary of what we found:

Featured In

HCA Slim Clinical Studies

  • The health journal Lipids in Health & Disease showed that subjects who took HCA Slim lost an average of 19.3 in four weeks. Subjects did not change their diet or exercise habits during the study.
  • HCA Slim contains no toxins, artificial chemicals or stimulants. It is 100% natural.
  • Studies show HCA Slim increases metabolism. In turn, the increased metabolic functions increase weight loss by more than 640%.
  • Studies also show a 39% reduction in cholesterol along with a 2 average reduction in belly fat over four weeks.
  • Subject in the study who took HCA Slim lost an average of 17 more than study participants who were given a placebo.
  • Additional studies show that participants who took HCA Slim had a 49% reduction in fat loss and a reduction of body weight of up to 4.6%.

Of course, we’d never recommend HCA Slim without firsthand knowledge. This is why we’d like to introduce our readers to Dolores Williams.

Dolores Williams, 52, Lost 21 in 30 Days. Here’s How She Did It and How You Can, Too!

When we were asking our staff if they knew any women who might be willing to test out HCA Slim for our report, almost immediately our associate editor Christina Williams raised her hand.

“My mother is 52 years old and just last week her doctor told she needed to lose weight as soon as possible,” said Ashley. “The problem is a heart condition that keeps her from doing any strenuous exercise. She’s been looking for a way to stay out of the gym but also drop the weight.”

Ashley’s mom, Dolores, seemed like the perfect candidate to give us an honest report of her experiences. When we approached her, she was thrilled to try it out. And, as we quickly learned, she wasn’t the type of person to hold back her opinion.

Dolores' Complete Weight-Loss Report

Hi everyone!

My first step was to order the products directly from the website. With their money-back guarantee, I had nothing to worry about.

My bottle of HCA Slim arrived in four days with no problems.

Instructions were simple. I took one pill in the morning and another pill in the evening. My complete journal is below:

Week One

My doctor just told me I was fat. Well, he didn’t say it so directly – he went on about my BMI and where I fit in on the obesity scale – but I knew what he meant. I was at least 15 overweight.

Going to the gym just isn’t a part of my lifestyle. I have a bad ticker and bad knees. So I needed something which would help me stop being fat, but which didn’t require diet or exercise. When my daughter suggested HCA Slim, I was intrigued.

I took one pill daily for the first week. Right away, I noticed an increase in energy. That was great, but what I really wanted was weight loss. Well, within the first week, I dropped 7. But was it just water weight?

Week Two

Those first 7. weren't just water weight! By the end of week two, I lost an additional 5. I didn't have to change my diet or routine in any way. I was now down a total of 12. Trust me, I’d never lie to the readers of Women's Health. After all, my daughter works there!

Week Four

My doctor was completely surprised – in a good way! I lost 21 in just one month. And I didn’t change my lifestyle in any way except with the addition of HCA Slim.

In just one month, I lost enough weight that my doctor no longer considers my weight a risk factor. Here’s to the long life ahead of me!


The Results of Our Investigation: HCA Slim is an effective and safe way for women to lose weight. You’ll drop weight quickly which, in turn, will improve all areas of your overall health. As an unexpected side effect, HCA Slim extract is also extremely effective at managing and reducing the symptoms of menopause.

No matter what your age is, it’s never too late to be trim and healthy – and HCA Slim is a great solution. We absolutely recommend it to our readers!

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DISCLAIMER: I used this product during my 4-week Experiment to achieve my results.

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Lana Rodgers Watson

Exercise is one of my least favorite activities. I was so amazed when the weight started just melting off after just two weeks of using this HCA Slim supplement. Works great with no working out!

Reply • 13 • Like12 minutes ago

Mary Jackson

After breaking my leg, I simply couldn’t exercise like I used to. I had to do something to fight off unwanted weight gain. My sister swore by HCA Slim so I decided to give it a try. I lost weight quickly and without any problems. Just don’t tell my sister I said she was right all along :)

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Molly Reynolds

I’ve always struggled with my weight. But after two months of regular HCA Slim usage, my weight problems are a thing of the past! Plus I’m filled with energy all day long!

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Regina White

Thank you HCA Slim! My belly is flat, my arms are toned and I look fantastic.

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Tanya Gonzales

I lost 12 in just three weeks! Works great so far. Excited to see how much more weight I’ll lose.

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